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In a combination of an urge to see what I’d look like with super short hair and not being willing to spend money at a shop just to do that, I took it into my own hands and shaved my own hair

conclusion? unclear

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Shit, I’m taller than Matt

and if my estimations are correct, I’m either exactly Woolie’s height or he’s a tad taller than I am

Further evidence that my group of friends in high school were pretty much race-bent versions of the Zaibatsu, including myself

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I’m contemplating drawing something very very self-indulgent

not embarrassingly so, but still pretty damn self-indulgent

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"COACH STEVEN WAS A RACIST EPISODE" they say as they assign races to raceless beings who are pretty much physical manifestations/ projections of mystical gemstones

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Pearl is forever the best Gem and I’m glad I made that judgment right from the first promo poster
It hasn’t failed me yet